About “BitGirls” ~An introduction of this programme~

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About “Bitgirls”

Imagine a talent agency! This programme is participatory, economic, and entertainment TV show where viewers can interact with its performers by crypto-currencies. Viewers are able to vote for the member of the show, watch the result of it, and enjoy the contents involved by that viewers actions.

Contents of the show

At Bitgirls, a talent agency in this TV show, performers tackle a variety of problems to garner significant attentions for the sake of their agency.
The accomplishment of the performers at the show affects the vote on the Internet, and vice versa, obviously. The result of votes on the Internet has a big impact to performers’ situations or positions in the TV show.


Bitgirls will go on air on TOKYO MX (9ch)

14.3 million households in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki area, subscribe this channel not including people who records it to watch.
TOKYO MX is widespread, covering roughly 80% of Kanto area.

Special program -First part: 2016/10/21(Fri) Mid 26:00~
Special program -Second part: 2016/10/28(Fri) Mid 26:00~

Every friday, 26:10~26:39 TOKYO MX


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The way to enjoy “Torekabu”

The way to get “Torekabu”

Let’s get Torekabu, to encourage the performers at “Bitgirls”!


The way to vote

You can join a campaign for voting if you have “Torekabu”.
Before a campaign, you will receive tokens to vote, the number of which will be depended on that of torekabu you’ll have.


Relationship between the number of torekabu you have and the degree of impact in the show



Bitgirls Official site: http://bitgirls.tv/

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