“BitGirls #9” is broadcast on YouTube. 2017年1月10日

▼ Broadcast on YouTube

“BitGirls #9” ( 6th, Jan. 2017 Friday, 26: 10 to 26: 39) is currently on YouTube.

▼ Real time broadcasting by MCas

“BitGirls” can also be seen on MCas real time anywhere in the country.
Even If you are not able to watch Tokyo MX due to your location , or you plan to go out, you s can still watch “BitGirls” on MCas real time. You can also participate in real-time applause events held at the same time as the television broadcast.

For more details, please visit http://bitgirls.io/ja/1656.html

■Contents of the show
Imagine a talent agency! This programme is participatory, economic, and entertainment TV show where viewers can interact with its performers by crypto-currencies. Viewers are able to vote for the member of the show, watch the result of it, and enjoy the contents involved by that viewers actions.

At Bitgirls, a talent agency in this TV show, performers tackle a variety of problems to garner significant attentions for the sake of their agency.
The accomplishment of the performers at the show affects the vote on the Internet, and vice versa, obviously. The result of votes on the Internet has a big impact to performers’ situations or positions in the TV show.


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●This episode was broadcast on 1/6/2016
●Every Friday midnight, 2AM JST on Tokyo MX, Japan.
●Internet broadcast starts on every Monday, around noon JST on YouTube.


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