“BitGirls # 10 Everyone applause” (13th/Jan. midnight) 2017年1月11日

To collaborate with the TV program, this is the world’s first attempt to share everyone’s applause on the block chain.
Get this PACHI token, open this page while “BitGirls” is on air on the. (13th, Jan. 2017 26:10 to 26:39 Tokyo MX) and applause “your favorite member”! The BitGirls who can get the most applause will be given the right of “introducing the show” on 10th, Feb’s program. (Don’t forget turn on your PC’s speaker.)


Voting has opened!

2017/1/13 26:10 – 2017/1/13 26:39


Join the applause campaign

The applause campaign site:http://vote.zaif.jp/ja/5ec40fc603e3b482

About “BitGirls”


This is an economic entertainment TV program with audience participation. The show is the first attempt to reflect the talent’s market capitalization ranking of TOREKABU and viewer’s vote results. TOREKABU shareholder have voting rights (virtual currency token) and are paid dividends regularly depending on “TOREKABU ratio”. And viewers themselves can make various decisions by voting.

The program is broadcast from 26:10 every Friday on Tokyo MX, also on its official site “Mcas” and on “Mcas” apps at same time.

BitGirls official site: http://BitGirls.io/
McasOfficial site: http://mcas.jp/
Mcas Apps: http://mcas.jp/app/

Some users applause tokens are given to the users who verified ID by Zaif, but if registered at the mail magazine through here, the user sometime will be given free tokens.


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